June 2014 Board Minutes


Subj: Board Meeting, Minutes of June 11, 2014

1. Subject board meeting was called to order at 6:00p.m.
The following personnel were present:

Warren Ross, President Ronnie Garr, Member
Gladys Parks, Vice President Kimberly Jacobs, Member
Donna Morrison, Treas. Nyle Bowyer, Employee
Angie Billue, Secretary Bill Pearman, Superintendent
Bridgett Fessler, Recorder

Absent Member(s) - None

The minutes of the last meeting were read and discussed. Angie-Motion, Donna-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept minutes. There is a correction to the May Minutes. The Treasurer’s report should reflect that Angie-Motioned and Donna-Seconded. Ronnie and Gladys were not present at the May meeting.

Bills were reviewed and approved. Donna-Motion, Kimberly-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept all expenses.

Treasurers Report – Reference Financial Status of Accounts. Angie-Motion, Gladys-Seconded, Board unanimous to Financial Status of Accounts.

Superintendent Report – 88 calls for the Month of May. 56 transports and 32 non-transports. Total billable information unavailable due to transition to the new billing program.

Bill presented timesheets to Warren for approval.

PRN Staff - Bill indicated that he is monitoring the hours and has sent a message to those employees that have not worked much so they can get the required hours to remain in good standing.

Fitness Center has closed, so contract cancelled.

Due to the MAA meeting conflicting with the July Board Meeting the date will be changed to Tuesday, July 8th at 6:00 P.M. at the Brunswick base.

The annual workman’s compensation audit is scheduled for June 13th.

Scott Moore has been paid $10,000.00 of the new roof cost. The remaining will be paid upon completion.

Bill did not review the employee evaluations due to the possibility of an extended meeting to examine insurance policies/carriers. This item of business will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

Kimberly-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept Superintendent’s report.

2. Old Business:

A. 2014-15 Budget – Reviewed and discussed. Kimberly-Motion, Gladys-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept budget with discussed changes.

B. Liability, Auto, Property Insurance Bid – Bill has spoken with insurance reps. about bidding our insurance needs. Due to our Loss Runs some insurance carriers refused to bid or had significantly higher bids, some over a 100% increase in premiums. Doug Sellers presented the MOPERM quote. With MOPERM our premium would be less than previous years and more coverage. MOPERM only insurers public entities and has a calendar year renewal. Our premium would be prorated accordingly. Discussion was made. Angie-Motion, Donna-Seconded, Board unanimous to go with MOPERM.

C. Life Insurance Policy - Jimmy Duncan had visited with the full-time employees about an additional life insurance policy for them and their families. All full-time employees had to be on board or this would not have been an option. All full-time employees were interested and took this payroll deducted plan effective July 1st. Our current insurance does carry a life insurance policy, this is an optional, employee driven policy. No action taken.

3. New Business:

A. EMS Legal Services Contract – The annual legal retainer with Frank Foster will be renewed for $750.00. Angie-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded, Board unanimous.

B. MAA Member and Board Meeting – The Membership meeting is July 10th and the Board Member training meeting is July 11th at the Lodge of Four Seasons. Any Board Member is welcome to attend. One of the discussions is about the potential mandatory changes that could possibly add about thirty thousand dollars to the cost of a new ambulance. No action taken.

C. Employee Pay Scale – Board discussion was made with the decision that all employees get a 2% increase in pay. Angie-Motion, Kimberly-Seconded, Board unanimous.

D. Insurance Opt Out – Bill has checked into the legality of the District being able to offer the health insurance opt-out option and we are in compliance. Discussion was made with the decision to increase the insurance opt-out to $3,500.00, which is taxable. The employee will have to sign an agreement and provide proof of insurance before being compensated. Angie-Motion, Donna-Seconded, Board unanimous.

4. Other Business:

No further business. Donna-Motion, Angie-Seconded, Board unanimous to adjourn meeting at 7:20 p.m.

Secretary to the Board for Secretary of the Board

Bridgett Fessler Angie Billue