February 2012 Board Minutes

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Subj: Board Meeting, Minutes of February 8, 2012

1. Subject board meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
The following personnel were present:

Warren Ross, President Matt Young, Member Casey Imgarten, Guest
Angie Billue, Secretary Bill Pearman, Super.
Donna Morrison, Treas. Bridgett Fessler, Recorder
Gladys Parks, Vice Pres. Donald Cravens, Employee
Ronnie Garr, Member John Stanfield, Employee

Absent Member(s):

The minutes of the last meeting were read and discussed. Donna-Motion, Matt-Seconded, Board unanimous.

Bills were reviewed and approved. Ronnie-Motion, Donna-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept all expenses.

Treasurers Report – Reference Financial Status of Accounts. Matt-Motion, Angie-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept Financial Status of Accounts.

Superintendent Report – 97 calls for the Month of January, 69 transports and 28 non-transports totaling $ 74,504.00 billable.

Bill presented time sheets to Warren for approval.

The movement to narrowband for the radios will be delayed until the county sirens have been upgraded.

Nyle Bowyer approached Bill about a computer backup system. Being the District already utilizes a system no action will be taken.

Med 3 was taken to Rick Ball for air intake repairs.

Bill has sent out a notice to the employees to see if there is interest in having a Board/Crew Meeting on February 29th.

Donna Morrison, Gladys Parks and Tony Lee have filed for a position on the Board. Donna will be running unopposed.

EMS Day at the Capitol is March 20th.

Ambulance Quote – Blake Clifton contacted Bill about trading for a new ambulance through AEV. Discussion was made with no interest in trading at this time.

Gladys-Motion, Matt-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept Superintendent’s report.

2. Old Business:

A. Intermedix Reports – Representatives from Intermedix met with Bill, Beverly, Bridgett and Warren on January 17th to make an acquaintance and address concerns with the billing and reporting system. Strides are being made to work through these areas to make the entire process work efficiently. Bill is in continuous communication with Intermedix to resolve these issues.

B. New Hire Progress – Kenny Hoskins passed his physical and has been cleared to work without restrictions. Adam Mauzey has two more days scheduled while on probation before being cleared; he too has passed his physical. Discussion was made, Gladys-Motion, Donna-Seconded; Board unanimous to hire Kenny as a part-time employee. Adam will be reviewed at next month’s meeting.

C. Keytesville Tower Usage – Casey Imgarten was present at the meeting inquiring about placing a satellite dish for high speed internet on the Keytesville Tower. He presented to the Board the equipment that will be on the tower. He offered high speed internet service to the County Entities i.e. 911 center, Sheriff’s office, etc. for allowing him use of the tower. He will carry his own liability insurance. It was also explained that if the radios began experiencing interference because of his equipment, it would have to be removed. Bill will contact Frank Foster for legal direction and contracts. The Board also warranted Casey permission to place a dish on the Brunswick tower. The same stipulations apply should there be any radio complications. Angie-Motion, Gladys-Seconded, Board unanimous.

3. New Business -

A. ICE Spring Break – The ICE Spring Break will be April 16-18. Bill presented an expense report for the cost. Bill, John, Donald, and Brent have expressed an interest in attending. Board discussed and voted to let those four attend the classes and any other employee who would be interested in going. This enables employees to further their training and CEU hours are given. Gladys-Motion, Angie-Seconded, Board unanimous.

B. Prom Donations – All four county schools have asked for donations for the After Prom Party. Discussion was made, Donna-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded; Board unanimous to donate $50.00 to each school.

C. Work Comp. Quarterly Report passed around and discussion with no action taken.

D. EMT Class and Expense Report – There are ten people interested in taking the EMT class. John will be the instructor and will be paid in one lump sum. John and the Board agreed on the expense report. Matt-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded, Board unanimous.

4. Other Business – None.

No further business. Matt-Motion, Angie-Seconded, Board unanimous to adjourn meeting at 8:00 p.m.

Secretary to the Board for Secretary of the Board

Bridgett Fessler Angie Billue