October 2011 Board Minutes

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Subj: Board Meeting, Minutes of October 12, 2011

1. Subject board meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
The following personnel were present:

Warren Ross, President Matt Young, Member
Gladys Parks, Vice Pres. Bill Pearman, Superintendent
Angie Billue, Secretary Bridgett Fessler, Recorder
Ronnie Garr, Member John Stanfield, Staff

Absent Member(s): Donna Morrison

The minutes of the last meeting were read and discussed. Angie-Motion, Matt-Seconded, Board unanimous.

Bills were reviewed and approved. Angie-Motion, Matt-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept all expenses.

Treasurers Report – Reference Financial Status of Accounts. Gladys-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept Financial Status of Accounts and for Bill to cash one of the maturing CD’s and do with the other three CD’s as financially feasible.

Superintendent Report – 111 calls for the Month of September, 65 transports and 46 non-transports totaling $71,487.00 billable.

Bill presented time sheets to Warren for approval.

The Policy and Procedure manual will be updated to further define the word In-Law for Bereavement compensation. In-Laws will be defined as Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, Grandmother-In-Law, Grandfather-In-Law, Sister-In-Law, and Brother-In-Law. The In-Law Bereavement is 1 day of paid compensation.

The Employee Appreciation dinner will be December 1st with December Board meeting being held at 6:00 p.m. before the meal.

There will be an AMLS (Advanced Medical Life Support) class held on October 27th and 28th at the Salisbury base meeting room.

PRN hours will be reviewed and discussed at next months meeting.

John is interested in teaching an EMT/1st Responder class for 2012 if there is enough public interest. Ads will be placed in the local papers.

The parking lot has been repaired and new carpet installation will be considered after the winter months.

Bill spoke with Frank Foster regarding the damaged carpeting from the sealer and the possibility of compensatory liability from National Paving. Frank explained fair market value prior to damage minus fair market value after damage equals the recoverable amount. Due to the age of the carpeting no further action will be taken.

Rick and Jamie met with the Aflac representative. Angie is potentially interested and will be given the brochures and contact information.

The Workman’s Compensation claim for Donald was denied. Claims will have to be filed to his health insurance leaving him with out-of-pocket expenses. Bill is to get direction from Frank about other avenues the District could take to help alleviate this exposure. If the District can take any responsibility the Board voted to do so: Gladys-yea, Angie-yea, Ronnie-yea, Matt-yea and Warren-yea.

Ronnie-Motion, Gladys-Seconded, Board unanimous to accept Superintendent’s report.

2. Old Business:

A. Intermedix Reports – Bill is working with Mark on resolving these issues. A list of requested reports has not been sent to Intermedix. Bridgett and Bev are working to compile a list of detailed reports that will help with the daily operation of the District.

B. Maintenance Proposal-LVS and Bobby Hayward have completed most of the maintenance work at the Salisbury base. Due to some unexpected expenses the cost for the project is $4,968.00. Angie- Motion, Gladys- Seconded, Board unanimous to pay the additional costs.

3. New Business:

A. ¼ Budget Review – Tabled.

B. Snow Removal – An ad will be placed in the local paper.

C. Employee Appreciation Dinner – Bids were solicited with six bids being received. Bids were opened and discussed. Angie abstained from voting. Gladys-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded, Matt and Warren in favor of offering the bid to Lake Nehai Restaurant.

D. Hiring Committee RE PRN Position – The Hiring Committee consisted of Rick Derenzy, Donald Cravens, John Stanfield, Bill Pearman, and Brent Dickerson. The Hiring Committee recommends the hiring of Kenneth Hoskins to a PRN position upon the completion of a probation period. An additional position may potentially be filled depending on availability of two of the candidates. The position will be considered once the candidates’ availability is determined. Gladys-Motion, Ronnie-Seconded, Board unanimous to hire Mr. Hoskins for one position and for Bill to determine if a second candidate is feasible considering availability.

4. Other Business – None.

No further business. Angie-Motion, Matt-Seconded, Board unanimous to adjourn meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Secretary to the Board for Secretary of the Board

Bridgett Fessler Angie Billue